Casper du Plessis
Managing Director
Portfolio Management

I am a seasoned property management executive with over 18 years of experience in property management, planning and complex finance. I have successfully built a dedicated team that is passionate about our company and our clients.

Driven to create innovative systems to empower our clients, I am currently leading the system development of our app and website. Automation and the ability to reduce repetitive tasks is paramount to our future. The future of our company is in the combination of our core values being finance and service with the ability to provide instant information and self-help services to our clients.

I have been a qualified Estate Agent since 2005 under the previous EAAB (now PPRA), and have participated in multiple UCT courses relating to Sectional Title and HOA management.

Experience in the sector has thought me that there is never only one way to solve a problem. I am a diplomat at heart with a solid understanding of building finances, processes and the law that govern them. This makes me ideally suited to provide practical insight on most matters.